dr0p guest mix #41


dr0p guest mix #41

We would like to say a special thank you to Skybreak for giving us the opportunity to publish this mix.

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Big thanks to Watt Designs for the artwork <3 Check out his instagram : watt designs


Skybreak - Below the Surface*
Skybreak & Keskuda - Above the Clouds (feat. cluda)
Skybreak & Keskuda - Above the Clouds (feat. cluda) (ID Remix)*
Xilent - The Darkness
Park - Coldsignal (with above the clouds acapella)
Au5 - Mesmerize (feat. Bella Musser)
Skybreak & Infowler - ID*
ID & ID - ID*
ID & ID - ID*
DansDemand - ID*
Skybreak & Storyboard - Whispers in the Forest
ID x ID x ID x ID - ID*
Chime & MILLENIAL TRASH - Resonate
Skybreak & Keskuda - Drift (feat. Leah Kelly) (ID Remix)*
Aika - Lustrous
Marcix - Stay Apart
Mameyudofu - Midnight Glow (feat. Mami)
ID & ID - ID*
ID - ID*
Oliverse - Unspoken (feat. Elle Exxe)
Skybreak - ID*
with the cute acapella
Sekai - Cute (feat. Lonemoon)
with Childish Gambino - Bonfire Acapella
Skybreak & Keskuda - ID*