dr0p guest mix #34


dr0p guest mix #34

1995 Beatmaker/Guitarist, == Just enjoy making relaxing beats, to dream and smoke ! I turn knob everyday to push the limits of our reality.

We would like to say a special thank you to Fokkusu for giving us the opportunity to publish this mix.

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Big thanks to Watt Designs for the artwork <3 Check out his instagram : watt designs


pn35a (Virtual Riot Remix)
Joe Ford - Enemy
Koan Sound - Prism Pulse
Virtual Riot - Yonaka
Mr. Bill - Blergh
Koan Sound - 7th Dimension
Fjun - Low Battery
Haywyre - Let Me Hear That
M-cubed - Professional
Yung Bae - Anibae
Haywyre - Contagious
Frij - Polarity
Glances - Vanilla
Fokkusu) - The Little Keys ( feat. BaHt)
Kuiters - Etna
Mndson - Panduh (1 FOR BUBBA)
Mura Masa - Lotus Eater
Eptic - She
Azles - The Sea Blues
Koan Sound - Chilli Daddy
Taquwami - YDA
Fokkusu) - ID
Fokkusu) - ID
Anomalie - Velours
Underscores - Feather
Synergy Sound - Tilt
Audiobot - Remember
Fokkusu) - W
Fokkusu) - ID