dr0p guest mix #21

Echo Drone

dr0p guest mix #21

Echo Drone beguine his musical journey in 7th grade. It started out as a hobby just because he enjoyed EDM and wanted to see what it was like to make it. Eventually, he ended up meeting other producers through SoundCloud or YouTube, and saw what they were doing and thought it was extremely interesting. Eventually, he became more and more passionate about it as he met more people and made more music. Fast forward to about four years later, and he's now making music under Echo Drone and he own an imprint label as well! he continue to work hard every day to grow himself and support other artists in the process!

We would like to say a special thank you to Echo Drone for giving us the opportunity to publish this mix.

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Die Sonne Satan - Adventus
STUCA - Inferno
Dull Machine - Rave Tool 81
Zomboy - Terror Squad (Bro Safari x Ricky Remedy Remix) [MITOMORO Bootleg]
Teminite - Uprising
AFK X Carbin - Boss (Carbin VIP)
Dizrupt - The Void
Herobust - WTF (Mastadon Remix)
Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World (Moore Kismet & Will Hollimon Reboot)
Hekler & Gladez - 404 (TYNAN & G-Rex Remix)
IVORY - Break It Down (Tisoki Remix)
Calcium - Dome Skank
Jackal - Animal Style (Bentley Montes & Trayfee Remix)
Moonboy - Blasta (Automhate Remix)
Ghastly - This Song Scares People
Barely Alive - Odyssey
Soltan - Sick (ft. HU$H)
Spag Heddy ft. Virus Syndicate - Bring It (Lifecycle Remix)
Travis Scott - Sicko Mode (Luca Lush Remix)
Space Laces - Overdrive (Righten Flip)
Terravita x Kompany - Dungeon VIP
Mastadon - RIP